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Afterglow Universal Wireless Headset Review

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I wanted to buy a headset that would cover pretty much all of my entertainment needs. I was sick and tired of constantly switching headphones, and getting caught up in wires and chargers. I chose this particular Afterglow headset because of the varied compatibility options. I’m pleased to say that I wasn’t disappointed. I initially began trying out the Afterglow headset purely to listen to music from my laptop. I stuck to the pure audio mode, and I was delighted with the sound quality. Since then I’ve used the headset with my phone and my console and tried a few more of the features.

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  • The range is excellent, I can walk to the other side of my house and still hear exactly what’s going on without any interference.
  • The immersive audio mode is perfect for game play.
  • Its compatible will all my devices which is probably one of my favorite things about the Afterglow headset.
  • The battery life is promised to be at least 10 hours and the headset definitely lived up to that promise. In fact most of the time it surpasses the 10 hour life span.
  • The ear pads have a really comfortable leather feel, which is actually quite difficult to find.
  • The structure of the product itself feels really solidly made, and I don’t worry at all about dropping it and breaking it.


  • For anyone with a slightly larger than average head like myself, the hat will be a pretty snug fit.
  • The headband is also not kind to anyone who wears glasses.
  • This Afterglow headset tends to go slightly overboard with the LED lights. The LED light on the wireless transmitter is incredibly bright, and annoyingly blinks all the time. When you’re trying to concentrate on a game, this is really distracting.
  • The mute button is also the power button, which made for some confusion at the beginning.
  • The controls can get pretty buggy when the headset has been on for a long time.

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Although I do wish that the hardware design of the headset promoted a more comfortable fit, overall I’m really happy with the Afterglow headset. The audio quality is great, and the different modes means that I can get the exact sound I want from all of my devices. As well as, the pure fact that this model is wireless is a huge benefit. I hate having trailing wires everywhere, and this completely eliminated that problem.


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