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afterglow Bluetooth headset ps3 – Green


Enter the zone together with the luminescence of the lights of the Afterglow Bluetooth headset PS3, when you are looking for a layout that is mellow, which you can place to more than 2,200 exceptional protections for an amazing aesthetic layout, or choose Lights OFF mode

It is been an extreme round. It is down-to-the-wire also it is time to reveal them what you have. You head toward the middle where the activity is condensed and folks are dropping like flies. You have the ability to steal to place yourself, head for the 2nd floor and the ruins of a residence in the window. You begin as people dart over the road, removing goals. There are only seconds and the success — not to mention a ratio can be tasted by you. You hear the sound from behind you as time’s going to run out. You are already capturing as you whirl about, and you also manage save yourself and to take him down.

You should find a way to rely on your own head set to provide you with the advantage when the activity is the most extreme. When it is the sound breaking glass, suppressed gun pictures, autumn damage or tactical response, it may function as the distinction between defeat and glory. The headset features lights you may set to nearly every color, to get you deeper in the zone. The permanent design ensures they could resist regular, long lasting gaming periods, and the enclosed case ensures this headset will remain shielded during transportation or storage. So link to your own game console and prepare for activity that is volatile. You have got the edge of crystal clear sound working for you.


  • Easily control your quantity on speak and the independent master volume /sport sound mixer that allows you to hear exactly what you need when it is most significant, to know
  • Love clear chat and game sound from virtually any place in the area having a wireless range as high as 100′
  • Match because the loudspeakers are calibrated having an real soundscape
  • Game in relaxation using the shut rear, over- a durable, flexible, stainless steel headband plus ear design that has PU leather ear-cushions with memory foam backing
  • Compatible with x box 360, PS3, Wii, Windows and most cellular devices for use that is versatile
  • Expertise strong, immersive audio due to the 50mm custom built speakers with neodymium magnets in an angled cavity tuned by way of a Hollywood sound-design studio to produce sound that is sharp, well balanced
  • Certainly speak with your squad mates due to the mute, noise canceling mic with sound mode and retractable gauge LEDs

The Afterglow Universal Wireless headset boast the trademark lights, a gorgeous tasteful style, and tough building. The headphones additionally feature not small, 50mm Neodymium (registered company) loudspeaker systems that sit inside an angled acoustic cavity tuned by an award-winning Hollywood audio post production center. The custom-designed loudspeakers are calibrated for sonic fullness, depth, and clarity.



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  • Universal compatibility on the Xbox 360®, Playstation 3®, Wii U, Wii, PC, and mobile devices.
  • Powered by the latest Avnera® wireless solution, the leader in Hi-Definition Wireless Audio Connectivity, providing a constant and clear connection to your game audio.
  • Boasts wireless connectivity with all gaming platforms. Includes wire connection for PCs, music players, and smart phones.
  • Comes pre-paired with transmitter.
  • 100ft. wireless range.
  • Miniaturized transmitter to eliminate clutter.
  • Lithium Polymer Battery provides 10 hours of active gaming on a single charge. Play and Charge cable included.
  • 50mm Neodymium® Drivers
  • Professionally-tuned mechanical and electronic components designed for depth, richness and clarity of sound by leading Hollywood sound studio.
  • Three digital audio modes: Pure Audio, Bass Boost, and Immersive Audio.
  • Retractable noise canceling microphone with active-listening LED indicator and microphone monitoring to ensure effective communication.
  • Dual-suspension headband design eliminates lateral pressure on ears, allowing hours of comfortable gaming.
  • Anatomically contoured protein-enriched ear pads.
  • Smart connect technology allows Afterglow® to work with any platform without adjusting buttons or switches.
  • All gaming controls conveniently located on the left ear cup for easy access.


  • Closed back dynamic wireless headphones.
  • 50mm drivers with Neodymium rare-earth magnets.
  • 20 degree angled acoustic baffle for accurate, _linear sound reproduction.
  • Audio frequency response: 20Hz – 20Khz at 115dB.
  • Digital signal processor with customized audio algorithms.
  • 2.4gHz wireless communication via Avnera technology.
  • 900mAh rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery for over 10 hours of battery life.

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