Review: Abyss AB-1266 Headphones

Abyss AB-1266 Headphones – An In-Depth Overview

In the world of planar magnetic headphones, Abyss AB-1266 happens to be one of the spectacular winners. Developed by Joe Skubinski and his son Erick over a period of five years, there headphones will blow you out of your seat and literally take you to the very house the music is made. Such is the effectiveness of these $5,500 headphones. Of course, the price makes the headphones simply unreachable by a majority of music lovers. But upon reading a few facts about this music device, you will be persuaded to skip buying a new car for a pair of these headphones.

Abyss AB-1266 Reference Planar Magnetic Headphone
Abyss AB-1266 Reference Planar Magnetic Headphone
$5,495.00 & FREE Shipping
What the manufacturer has included in the package

The manufacturer has definitely taken time to ensure that the best impression of the headphones gets to pass on to the buyer. When you order these headphones, you will receive them in a truly luxurious felt lined box which has been beautifully and expertly finished with wood. The manufacturer has also backed the box with an aluminum stand and of course, plush carrying case made of pure leather.

Inside the box, you will also find an 8-foot long XLR cable set of ΒΌ inch. There is also an XLR cable Y-adaptor as well as 4-pin XLR cable Y-adaptor. The overall weight of the headphones is 620g which translates to around 1.5 pounds.

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What are the features of this Abyss AB-1266?

The headphones are made of sturdy material which have been cleverly been put together. The overturned β€˜U’ aluminum stand is continuous and this makes it easy for the elastic band which connects the two arms of the stand effective at adjusting the width they can stretch to. Skubinski spent a painstakingly long time searching and experimenting to find the right low-mass extra thin diaphragm to use on the headphones.

At first, the designers of the Abyss AB-1266 were looking for a way through which they could make headphones that surpassed the rest in not so much as the clarity of the music but also as far as dynamics, focus, frequency extension, resolution and the ease of use. Having these goals in mind, the manufacturer had an easier time coming up with the now high-value headphones.

One of the things that stand out when you check out these headphones is the optimization of the back neodymium magnets. They are so carefully designed and slotted in such that the dynamics of the headphones are achieved 100%. As for resonance, the drivers which are made of low-carbon steel baffle ensure it is achieved without a hitch.

The ear cups are extremely comfortable. This is made possible by the fact that the stiff thick metal frame which is springy allows them to tilt and even swivel. The ear cups are bolted tight in the β€˜U’ frame hence making the whole setup sturdy.

Abyss AB-1266 Reference Planar Magnetic Headphone
Abyss AB-1266 Reference Planar Magnetic Headphone
$5,495.00 & FREE Shipping
The comfort of the headphones

Comfort is one of the key things that the manufacturer of Abyss AB-1266 has invested in heavily. At the center of the upward bow of the frame, the manufacturer provides an aluminum milled frame which allows you to conveniently adjust the spacing of the ear cups. Even though the adjusting will take quite some effort initially, you will no longer have to haggle with the frame in future. The elliptical leather headband pad which suspends between the β€˜U’ frame helps at ensuring the headphones fit perfectly.

To further the comfort experience of the audiophile, Abyss equips the headphones with amazingly flexible ear pads which are covered with lambskin. These ear pads are thicker on one side and thinner on the other. This makes them have a wedge-like appearance. The manufacturer has attached the locating pins magnetically on the driver frames hence making it easy for you to place the thickest contours of the pads appropriately against your head.


The performance of the headphones

The clarity of the Abyss AB-1266 can only be described as extreme especially when you compare it to the high-end headphones. The impedance to get from these headphones is an amazing 46Ω which means you will need strong amps to deliver quality music.


Highlights of AB-1266 that will amaze you


  • Elegant design
  • Perfect weight distribution
  • Wide range of frequency
  • Durable materials
  • Ability to reproduce studio or concert performances


  • Pricey at $5,500
  • Heavier than most of the planar magnetic headphones

Abyss AB-1266 Reference Planar Magnetic Headphone
Abyss AB-1266 Reference Planar Magnetic Headphone
$5,495.00 & FREE Shipping
Bottom Line
In search of that ideal pair of headphones that will deliver the top-quality music in every other nuance as the best placed sound system, the Abyss AB-1266, stands the best chance of satiating your needs. These are the headphones whose clarity and detail of every beat will live with you long after you have forgotten the price you paid for them.

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