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Buyer's Guide: Earbuds Headphones1. Earbuds Headphones: Simply known as ‘Earbuds’, they were the initial audio devices to set a trend. They are not only cheap, but are also small and offer good sound quality. Some of the brands that introduced Earbuds with an ear-hook design are Philips and Sennheiser.

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Over-the-Ear-Heaphones2. Over-the-Ear-Heaphones: They’re comparatively larger in size and cover the entire area. Desirably worn indoors, the weight of the headphones might cause neck pain if worn for a longer time.
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Buyer's Guide: in-ear-headphones3. In-ear Headphones: Mostly offered as a complimentary accessory inside the box, the in-ear headphones offer exceptional price-to-performance ratio. They’re not just the smallest headphones, but are incredibly light weight..

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Closed Back Over- Ear Headphones4. Closed Back Over- Ear Headphones: Popularly used by average day consumers, these headphones are affordable when compared to the Over-the-Ear-Headphones. The closed back of these headphones block the outside ambient noise and avoid sound leakage.
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Buyer's Guide: Bose-On-Ear-headphones5. On-Ear Headphones: These headphones sit right over the outer ear covering the entire ear with a closed back. Although they don’t completely block the outdoor noise, they are lightweight and cause less strain to the neck and ears.

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