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Someone once truly stated that “Music is the moonlight in the gloomy night of life.” But what enhances your quality of music, is an array of music devices and headset from quality headphone manufacturers.

Be it for mixing sounds in a studio, live environment or for playing your favorite games, investing in a perfect pair of headsets can never be a squander. The triumph of the best headphone companies are, they create an oasis of privacy in public spaces.

If you’re looking to invest in one of the Best headphones for gaming or the Best Bluetooth headset, or even a top headphone brands you’ve landed on the right website!

“We never compromise any top headphone brands that can bring you the best music experience from latest to the oldies! This is a headphone zone reviewed!

1. Decide if you want earbuds or the large headphones. As each music gadget is designed to cater to different needs, one should assess, how and where they will be using the audio device. Although earbuds are super portable, they might not give you the same, enhanced sound quality like that of the large headsets.

2. Decide on your budget. If you’re looking for the lightweight, cheap audio devices, you can buy any earbud, which will be easy to carry around but will not guarantee you the perfect audio quality. But, if you are looking for an audio device that offers superior sound quality, you’ll have to invest a considerable amount in a popular, noise blocking headset brand. However, the DJ-style headsets will require a large amount of space in your bag.

3. Assess the headphones’ sound isolation. Doing this will let you know how well the audio device will keep music in and block the outside noise.

4. If you opt for over-the-ear stereo headphones, ensure that they are open-backed or closed-backed. Open-backed headphones offer more natural sound and are recommended for indoor use, but will not have sound cancellation features. Whereas, closed-backed headphones isolate noise in a better way and one cannot hear the surrounding noise. However, they tend to be less comfortable.

5. Assess the frequency range, the sound curve and the frequency response curve of the headset.

6. Unless you’re willing to pay a huge amount, do not look for noise canceling features.

7. Once you have decided on which headphones to buy, wear them and hear the music quality before buying.

8. Ensure that the headphones you’re buying are appropriately fitting your music device.

Buyer's Guide: Earbuds Headphones1. Earbuds Headphones: Simply known as ‘Earbuds’, they were the initial audio devices to set a trend. They are not only cheap, but are also small and offer good sound quality. Some of the brands that introduced Earbuds with an ear-hook design are Philips and Sennheiser.

Over-the-Ear-Heaphones2. Over-the-Ear-Headphones: They’re comparatively larger in size and cover the entire area. Desirably worn indoors, the weight of the headphones might cause neck pain if worn for a longer time.

Buyer's Guide: in-ear-headphones3. In-ear Headphones: Mostly offered as a complimentary accessory inside the box, the in-ear headphones offer exceptional price-to-performance ratio. They’re not just the smallest headphones, but are incredibly light weight..

Closed Back Over- Ear Headphones4. Closed Back Over- Ear Headphones: Popularly used by average day consumers, these headphones are affordable when compared to the Over-the-Ear-Headphones. The closed back of these headphones block the outside ambient noise and avoid sound leakage.

Buyer's Guide: Bose-On-Ear-headphones5. On-Ear Headphones: These headphones sit right over the outer ear covering the entire ear with a closed back. Although they don’t completely block the outdoor noise, they are lightweight and cause less strain to the neck and ears.



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