Guide: Hifiman for Ultimate Audiophiles

Hifiman: Ultimate Brand For Ultimate Audiophiles

Hifiman was founded in the United States, in New York, back in 2007, by Dr. Fang. Today, this is one of the largest companies for making headphones, portable music players and equipment for audiophiles. They have dealers across the world, in 28 countries, to be precise and all of their products have been highly rated in many reviews.

If you have come across a product, made by Hifiman, you are a potential audiophile. There is no point in mentioning that an audiophile is a person who seeks for the ultimate sound quality. Hifiman products (all of them, since the beginning) are focused especially for aforementioned people, therefore they usually feature a high-quality, advanced features and the ultimate sound quality. An interesting fact is that Hifiman makes and offers some of the original and different products. They have a design that is simply different than all other brands have to offer.

Despite the fact, Hifiman is a relatively new company, the products they make are highly rated and they have been chosen as the best headphones, the most advanced music player and etc. In a matter of fact, there are hundreds of examples where Hifiman products managed to achieve the highest scores and ratings.

The main advantages of Hifiman products

You may know that despite the fact there are millions of headphones, amplifiers and similar devices on the market, it isn’t simple to get the best model! This may be difficult in general, but with Hifiman, it is simple. The company doesn’t make cheap nor poor-quality products, so it is easy to choose a device you want that can meet your expectations. All Hifiman products have some original features, compared to other brands. Now, we will mention them.


Maybe sounds like a well-known thing, but the design is actually the first thing you will notice when it comes to Hifiman devices. No matter which one you look, it will be special and completely different than equivalent models, made by other brands. This especially applies to the portable music players. They have a completely different look, paired with certain features that aren’t available on other devices. Nevertheless, the design has no negative effect on the quality nor on the performances of the devices. Maybe it will require some time to get used to it, but after that, you will realize the full potential.

Sound quality

We have mentioned that a sound quality of Hifiman products it outstanding. Now, we will be slightly more focused on this advantage. The main reason, why all Hifiman products have this level of sound quality are the inner components. The company spends millions every year on a research. As the result, all components are professionally made and they come with professional capabilities. In simple words, the secret, why the sound quality is so good is about the technology the company uses.

Improves rather replace

Almost all companies that make audio-related equipment replace their products each year (possibly more often in some cases). Although this sounds preferable, it is a high risk of making a mistake and causing an excellent product to be replaced with a worse one! We witnessed some of extremely large mistakes in the last decades, where the entire line of products had to be replaced! On the other side, we have Hifiman, a company that rather improves their products than replaces them. Some of the best music players the company makes have been upgraded several times, and the last models are better than ever. This is a recipe for success and for making some of the best products on the market.

Advanced technology

Technology Hifiman uses is developed by the company, for the company’s products, so each one gets components that are designed especially for that particular model. As the company announced, this maximizes the sound quality and makes a product better engineered. At the same time, this advantage makes a specific product for a specific type of people. There are no two, similar ones. Other manufacturers use identical or the same components for several products. This makes them similar, obviously therefore usually the design or a segment of the market, where a product belongs determines the price. A related advantage is a technology itself. Hifiman currently hires some of the best engineers in the world, so it is simple to understand why their products are so good.

Open back

Every single audiophile likes headphones with open back. In a simple term, these are devices that have a rear part made in a completely different way than most other manufacturers have to offer. Thanks to it, you can see the inner components and to experience a better sound. The company claims that this feature is so important that they will continue making it forever. It provides a better and more direct sound. It is also softer and dynamic. In order to understand how important this feature is, you should know that open back headphones have a completely different sound than regular devices. An interesting addition would be a better design. Thanks to the open back, you can see what is inside headphones. Some models have grills on back, so they are definitely 100% unique.

Planar magnetic drivers

This is a feature characteristic for Hifiman. All headphones have planar magnetic drivers. Now, the thing is that they are complicated to make and they are complicated to built-in into headphones. These are reasons why most manufacturers avoid implementing planar magnetic drivers into their headphones. A plus side of this feature is the sound quality. These drivers are so advanced that they can reproduce the same sound as actual speakers. Most owners and fans of the Hifiman company prefer this solution and due to the fact it is, a rare one, headphones made by this manufacturer are simply better and different.

Research time

Definitely, an interesting fact is a research, more precisely, the time, Hifiman spends on the research. For example, in order to develop their latest headphones, they did a 7 year research! Compare this fact to other brands that usually spend a few months, or one year in order to complete a research. Maybe they have more devices available than Hifiman, but the quality, the features and the sound, in general, cannot be on the same level, obviously. Maybe Hifiman has fewer products available than some equivalent brands, but each product will provide the ultimate level of quality/features.

 Advanced asymmetrical magnetic circuit

This is another feature characteristic to Hifiman. Their headphones (a high range) have the advanced asymmetrical magnetic circuit. This is important due to a specific reason. The live music is far better than headphones without this feature can provide. It feels more dynamic and has a feel that you are literally listening to music in person.

First diaphragm in nanometer thickness

The latest models made by Hifiman feature the first diaphragm in nanometer thickness. This means that a diaphragm is lightweight (extremely) so it makes less distortion and has a faster response. This feature is also reserved for the most advanced and a high-end headphones company makes. It is priceless being able to have something that is unique and different in the world.

Why choose Hifiman instead of other brands

We already mentioned some of the main benefits/advantages all Hifiman products have and we said that this company makes only high-end models, developed for people who must have exceptional sound quality at all times. The first thing you should know if you consider about getting a Hifiman product is that you will be completely satisfied with the sound and features in general. However, there are a few more reasons why choosing Hifiman is a wise choice.

Luxury headphones

Hifiman makes some of the most luxurious headphones you can get. They are beautifully made, they are crafted to be the best-looking models on the market, which brings a lot of additional advantages. You will be noticed, your friends will be impressed, but you will also get the ultimate sound quality. If you choose another brand, chances are high you will get headphones that look great, but the sound quality is compromised. The high-end models feature stainless steel, actual wood, velour and similar, luxury materials.

Quality check

Each unit is checked by hand before it leaves the factory. You should know that Hifiman is one of the last companies on the planet that uses this type of checks. That’s why there are no factory defects with their products. You can be absolutely positive that every single unit will look and work perfectly, without any issue. We will have to mention that the company has tough requirements for employees that will work in these positions.

Remarkable comfort

Most people have noticed that Hifiman products look different, especially the arch structure and the earpads. This isn’t a coincidence and all audiophiles will tell you why. The arch is specially designed in that way to improve the comfort. Wearing these headphones is suitable for longer usages and they are generally more comfortable than models made by other brands. If you are planning to wear them a few hours every single day, this type of arch structure is something you may need. The main thing with the earpads and their asymmetrical shape is closely related to the sound direction. The sound is better focused towards the inner ear and there are no losses. In addition, the headphones will follow the natural curve of an ear, therefore maximize the effects and make any sound better.

 Window shade feature

There is no point in mentioning what the window shade feature is. It has been developed by Hifiman and it can be seen only on their products. You get this feature on most headphones and it is a masterpiece. It is designed to allow you to see the inner components, but at the same time to protect them. This is the main reason why you can get the open back design and still have durable and resistant headphones. According to the latest research, the company did, this system is 52% more efficient than any other alternative!

Low weight

One of the main reasons, why Hifiman headphones and devices, in general, are so comfortable is a low weight. They weigh 20-30% less than other brands have offered, which is extremely high if you want extremely comfortable headphones. Although there may be models made by other brands with similar weight, their quality will be compromised. Try to remember that we mentioned Hifiman feature quality check by hand, so there is no quality compromised units here! Don’t forget that this fact also makes headphones and devices in general extremely durable. Most people who owned Hifiman products will confirm this fact.

The speed

This advantage is especially important if you are looking for a portable music player made by this company. It means that it will have a quick power on/off feature. In fact, this means that you can turn off and turn on your music player in 3 seconds. There are no other models with this feature, and we all know how important time is, especially if you are in a hurry. All portable music players have this feature and it is something you may need, but you will definitely appreciate it.


Have you checked additional feature of portable music players, made by Hifiman? They have an interesting addition, called thumbwheel. It is located at the top and it is something that also makes them 100% different. There are no similar models.

TAICHI II user interface

All Hifiman products that require user interface have TAICHI. Now, it has been upgraded so it is a 2.0 version. Here were a number of upgrades, but most of them were focused on the speed, simplicity and to make it easier to use, without losing any of the features. At the first sight, it looks like they reached the main goal. The system looks amazing and it hasn’t similarities with other systems. It is also futuristic and pleasant to use. You won’t need any time to adjust to it.


A high level of practicality is another addition. The HIFIMAN HM802S has been developed to be used in a matter of seconds. That’s why you get quick power on/off and a thumbwheel, which is exceptional, by the way, and a large display.

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