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Top Headphone Brands

Someone once truly stated that “Music is the moonlight in the gloomy night of life.” But what enhances your quality of music, is an array of headphone and headset from the TOP HEADPHONE BRANDS IN THE WORLD.

Be it for mixing sounds in a studio, live environment or for playing your favourite games, investing in a perfect pair of headsets can never be a squander. The triumph of the best headphone brands is that, they create an oasis of privacy in public spaces.  If you’re looking to invest in one of the Best headphones for gaming or the Best Bluetooth headset, or even a top headphone brands you’ve landed on the right website!


“We never compromise any top headphone brands that can bring you the best music experience from new headphones to the oldies! A headphone zone reviewed!”

Top Headphone Brands: What are the different types of headphones?

  1. Earbuds Headphones - Top Headphone BrandsEarbuds Headphones: Simply known as ‘Earbuds’, they were the initial audio devices to set a trend. They are not only cheap, but are also small and offer good sound quality. Some of the brands that introduced Earbuds with an ear-hook design are Philips and Sennheiser.
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  1. in-ear-headphones - famous headphone brandsIn-ear Headphones: Mostly offered as a complimentary accessory inside the box, the in-ear headphones offer exceptional price-to-performance ratio. They’re not just the smallest headphones, but are incredibly light weight.
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  1. Bose-On-Ear-headphonesOn-Ear Headphones: These headphones sit right over the outer ear covering the entire ear with a closed back. Although they don’t completely block the outdoor noise, they are lightweight and cause less strain to the neck and ears.View More On-ear Headphones



  1. Over-the-Ear-HeaphonesOver-the-Ear-Heaphones: They’re comparatively larger in size and cover the entire area. Desirably worn indoors, the weight of the headphones might cause neck pain if worn for a longer time.
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  1. Back Over- Ear HeadphonesClosed Back Over- Ear Headphones: Popularly used by average day consumers, these headphones are affordable when compared to the Over-the-Ear-Headphones. The closed back of these headphones block the outside ambient noise and avoid sound leakage.
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Tips to choose the best selling headphone brands or famous headphone brands

Before choosing the right headphone brands you need to determine the following:

  1. Decide if you want earbud headphones or the large headphones. As each headphone is designed to cater to different needs, one should assess, how and where they will be using the audio device. Although earbuds are super portable, they might not give you the same, enhanced sound quality like that of the large headsets.
  2. Decide on your budget. If you’re looking for lightweight, cheap audio devices, you can buy any earbud, which will be easy to carry around, but will not guarantee you the perfect audio quality. But, if you are looking for an audio device that offers superior sound quality, you’ll have to invest a considerable amount in a popular, noise blocking headset brand. However, the DJ-style headsets will require a large amount of space in your bag.
  3. Assess the headphones’ sound isolation. Doing this will let you know how well the audio device will keep music in and block the outside noise.
  4. If you opt for over-the-ear stereo headphones, ensure that they are open-backed or closed-backed. Open-backed headphones offer more natural sound and are recommended for indoor use, but will not have sound cancellation features. Whereas, closed-backed headphones isolate noise in a better way and one cannot hear the surrounding noise. However, they tend to be less comfortable.
  5. Assess the frequency range, the sound curve and the frequency response curve of the headset.
  6. Unless you’re willing to pay a huge amount, do not look for noise cancelling features.
  7. Once you have decided on which headphones to buy, wear them and hear the music quality before buying.
  8. Ensure that the headphones you’re buying are appropriately fitting your music device.

Top Headphone and Headset Brands You Need To Know About

Who wouldn’t want to own a sophisticated, colourful Skullcandy earbud that acts as an eye-catching accessory? Having its own line of headphones, earbuds and Bluetooth speakers, Skullcandy’s products are known for their unique specifications. Its product line ranges from Ink’d 2 to Smokin’ Bud, Hesh 2 and Crusher. “Ink’d 2” is claimed to be the number one selling bud in America. Apart from their attractively designed headsets, their vibrantly coloured earbuds are the best Skullcandy earbuds one can own.

Unlike other brands, Skullcandy’s earbuds are specifically designed for both the genders with attractive colours. Few of the best Skullcandy earbuds include the Dime, Women’s XTfree, Bombshell and Wink’d. All of these earbuds are available in an array of colours. The brand has also newly launched wireless headsets that will keep one from messy, tangled wires.

Most of Skullcandy’s wireless headsets have the Bluetooth feature along with plush, synthetic leather ear pads. The headsets are designed with soft, leather based ear pads in order to make the listening process, easier and pain-free. Not just that, most of these headsets also sport a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 15 hours and have built-in mic and remote. However, on purchase of any Skullcandy product, the buyer can avail 60 days of Google Play Music subscription.

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As their tagline states “Better Sound through Research”, Bose has been thriving in the market since 1964. Bose’s expertise lies in the production of home audio systems and speakers, professional audio systems, noise cancelling headphones and automobile sound systems. Having maintained the reputation for being chiefly caring of its patents, trademarks, and brand, Bose offers three variants of headphones; basic earphones, over-ear headphones and aviation headsets. Bose earphones are designed to not just provide powerful performance, but also a comfortable fit.

Unlike the clichéd earphones, Bose earphones specifically cater to your needs of Apple and Android phones along with noise cancelling, sweat and weather resistant features. With a price range starting from $129, Bose earphones are colourfully designed for maximized sound and minimized distraction.

Apart from Bose earphones, Bose earbuds are also popular for a great sound support, and are compatible for usage with all versions of Bose mobile in-ear headsets. Few of the key features of Bose earbuds include; increased in-ear stability, sports washable silicone, is available in three different sizes.

Talking about Bose headphones, they are designed in a lightweight manner for a comfortable usage. Their over the ear headphones ensure to deliver music in crisp detail for personal listening. A large number of Bose headphones have the noise cancelling feature along with the aware mode to hear the surroundings at the touch of a button. The key reason for Bose headphones to exhibit deep, clear sound is due to active EQ and TriPort technology. The headphones come with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that charges in just 2 hours. However, if the battery dies, one can still listen to music like any other regular in-ear headphone. Currently, Bose has just one design of an Aviation Headset, that features a Bluetooth audio and communications interface along with customizable audio prioritization control.

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Just like every other reputed audio device brands, Sony also has both wired and wireless headphones. The specifications in all of the Sony headphones vary; from noise cancelling features to extra bass, Bluetooth integrated and splash-proof in-ear headphones.

The noise cancelling Sony headphones ensure to remove up to 95% of the ambient noise in order to give the user the comfort of unperturbed listening. Adding on to it, the noise cancelling Sony headphones offer big bass sound with wide frequency response. Furthermore, their noise cancelling feature automatically chooses the optimal feature based on the surrounding environment. The inner and outer feedback microphones situated on the noise cancelling Sony headphones’ ear cups reduce almost all of the outer noise.

Making it more travel friendly, one can fold it flat for easy storage in the pouch provided. The noise cancelling Sony headphones are smart phone-friendly, and come with an in-line remote headphone cord, that allows the user to attend hands-free calls. Its battery life exceeds up to 20 hours with DNC activation.

Similarly, the extra bass Sony headphones are smart phone-friendly and come with an in-line remote and microphone. The extra bass Sony headphones sport a metal headband along with soft ear pads for comfortable usage. Currently, Sony has just one noise cancelling headphone, i.e. “10RNC Noise Cancelling Headphones”.

Just like the headphones, the in-ear Sony earphones come with similar features such as, noise cancellation, Bluetooth and extra bass feature along with the splash-proof feature. Although designed mostly for professional use, each Sony earphone is creatively designed to offer the best sound quality. The noise cancelling Sony earphones use ultra-clear digital noise cancelling technology and sport silicone earbuds. The lightweight Sony earphones come with dual sided cord. Another variant of Sony earphones are the “h.ear” earphones that come with high-resolution audio compatibility, easy Bluetooth connectivity, digital noise cancelling technology, tight bass with beat response control, the Y-cord design, tangle-free cords and smart phone compatibility.

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This private German brand is popular for its trendy audio electronics, and has been in the market since 1945. Known for offering legendary Sennheiser sound with high-quality design, Sennheiser headphones come with an array of applications to cater to a range of needs. The Sennheiser headphone applications range from sports to aviation, travel, gaming, studio & monitoring, music and entertainment, audiometry, assistive listening, broadcast and home audio. Sennheiser headphones come in three wearing styles; on-ear, over-ear and in-ear.

Each Sennheiser headphone comes with a unique major specification such as noise cancellation, smart phone compatible, Bluetooth headphone and Sennheiser wireless headphones. The Sennheiser noise cancelling headphones use the “NoiseGard” technology that recognizes the noise and sends out an opposite signal by neutralizing the noise. The Sennheiser noise cancelling headphones also come with Bluetooth technology and in-built battery, and are travel-friendly.

The audio electronics brand also offers specific Sennheiser PC headsets that allow one to not just enjoy music and games, but also make easy telephone calls via its pro microphone and high speech intelligibility. The Sennheiser PC headsets come with and without in-line remote control, with a headband/neckband style. Similarly, Sennheiser’s wireless headphones come with an array of features that cater to different needs; such as, IR-stereo TV listening system, audiophile digital home system and luxurious Bluetooth travel headsets. Few of the best Sennheiser headphones include, the Game Zero, Urbanite, Momentum On-Ear 2 and Momentum 2.

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An American brand, Razer specializes in products that largely caters to a gamer’s needs. The brand is not just popular for producing some of the best Razer headsets, but also offers gaming laptops, gaming tablet computers, varied PC gaming peripherals and accessories. Mostly sporting the green colour, Razer headsets and earphones come with an assortment of appealing features.  The wireless Razer not just keeps one from the messy, tangled wires, but also offers retractable digital mic for uncompromising vocal clarity. Each Razer wireless headset is designed with its own unique specifications.

Some of the features of the wireless Razer headsets include;

* Optimized weight for extended wear

* Completely retractable microphone for easy access along with in-line controls

* Powerful drivers and sound isolation for the perfect gamer in you

* Advanced virtual surround sound engine

* Razer Synapse enabled

* Enclosed ear cup design for optimal sound isolation

* For maximum portability, the best Razer headsets come with foldable earcups

* Compatible with Windows 8/Windows 7 and Mac OS X along with internet connectivity

* The headsets come with at least 100 MB of free hard disk space and varied drivers

* Comfortable snug fit for extended play

* Interchangeable ear cup covers

* Braided fibre cables

* Wireless USB transceiver connections

* Battery life of up to 14 hours with Razer Chroma lighting and 20 hours without Razer Chroma lighting

* Bluetooth connectivity with aptX technology

* Custom-tuned dynamic drivers

*Compact yet robust design.


However, Razer Hammerhead is the only Razer earphone launched until date, with slight variations. These earphones are re-designed with efficient and all-new body design along with flat-styled wires. Sporting a combination of black and green, Razer Hammerhead comes with extra-large dynamic drivers to offer stellar audio fidelity. The upgraded extra-large dynamic drivers allow the user to experience superior acoustic clarity and improved bass performance. The Razer Hammerhead comes with 3 interchangeable ear0bud sizes and optional bi-flange attachments.

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This publicly traded electronics brand has been in the market since 1961. Its products range from Corded Bluetooth headsets to audio products for consumers and business. During the 1960s, Plantronics was the only supplier of headsets for traffic air controllers. Just like few other brands, Plantronics also offers headsets as per our lifestyle needs; ranging from music and entertainment to gaming, mobile communications, internet calls and VoIP. Apart from Bluetooth, wireless and corded headsets, Plantronics also offer wireless earbuds.  Some of the best Plantronics headsets include; Plantronics Blackwire C320-M Headset, Plantronics Audio 355 Multimedia Headset, Plantronics Backbeat 116 Stereo Headset and Plantronics Audio 628 Headset with Mic.

The Bluetooth headsets use the WindSmart technology that not only offers a cutting edge, adaptive noise cancelling feature, but also impeccable voice clarity. They are compatible with PC and tablets and offer battery power of up to 7 hours. They also come with wind noise reduction feature. Most Bluetooth headsets come with multipoint technology and are link optimized and have spoken cues.

The wireless headphones are compatible with tablets, mobile phones and Bluetooth headsets. The wireless earbuds come with a stable fit, sweat proof durability and wideband audio. The wireless earbuds are also compatible with desk phones, mobile phones, tablets and Bluetooth headsets.

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An American headset manufacturer since 1985, Turtle Beach is known for coming up with an extensive line of headphones. Currently, Turtle Beach manufactures headsets for current and previous generation consoles. The headphone brand also sells some if the best Turtle Beach headsets that are compatible with PC/Mac, mobile platforms and Nintendo consoles. Their major current line-up of headphones caters to the Ear Force and Call of Duty editions. Turtle Beach offers both Wired and Wireless gaming headsets with stereo and surround sound. Each of Turtle Beach’s headset is designed as per various gaming needs ranging from light gamer to moderate gamer and heavy gamer. The headset brand also offers a PS3 Bluetooth Communicator.


Their headsets come with an audio advantage of interference-free, Dual-Band wireless Wi-Fi with immersive Dolby Digital Surround Sound. One can stream music to the headset via Bluetooth and enjoy incredible theatre audio. The headsets are also compatible with phones, tablets and portable gaming systems. Best Turtle Beach headsets offer up to 15 or more hours of game play from a single charge and are compatible with XBOX ONE, XBOX 360, PS4, PS3, Nintendo, PC and mobile.

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